terms of use



The terms in this Terms of Use, whenever used with the first letter capitalized, shall have the meaning set forth below, either plural or singular:


Accept or Accept: Means the act of the User / Grantor clicking on the “I have read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” box on the Website or the Application. Such act implies the prior, express and informed consent of the User / Grantor in relation to all the provisions of such documents.


Refrain: It means not taking advantage; abandon or waive the opportunity to vote.


adc: The name 'adc' is short for 'Adc', the platform's first name.


For: It means that there is agreement; that you agree or agree to; who has the same opinion and / or belief about the item put to the vote.


Against: Means opposition, direction contrary to the item put to the vote.


Request for General Meeting: It means legal permission for a request to be made by, at least ¼ (one quarter) of the owners, to hold a general meeting (ordinary or even extraordinary), if the liquidator does not do so.


Application: Means adc application adapted and developed for operation on mobile phone, tablet or any other mobile device.


Voting Assistance: Means text issued by adc, based on information provided by condominium administrators, for a more qualified vote.


Content: Means any information made available through the Site or the Application, such as text, data, software, images, videos, audios, interactive features, etc., including the source codes used to display such content, such as in HTML, CSS, PHP, among others.


Adc Account: Means the User / Grantor's access account to adc.


Personal Data: Means any data provided by the User / Grantor that in any way identifies you, such as, but not limited to, name, social security number, address, telephone number, fax number or email address.


Push notifications: These are messages sent by applications to your mobile device. Push notifications are sent to your mobile device through services like Apple's Push NotificationService for iOS devices, as well as Google's CD2M and Cloud Messaging for Android devices. Both services are standard features of mobile operating systems.


Grantor: Means that one has the power to transfer, consent or bestow something to someone.


Privacy Policy: Means the privacy policy governing the provisions on the use of User / Grantor data that can be found at the following link.


Website: Means the electronic address www.adc.vote or any other that may replace it.


Software: Means proprietary software for adc.


User: Means an individual, of legal age, or legal entity, with full ability to hire, who accesses the Site or the Application and makes his personal registration in order to enjoy the features offered by Adc, thus automatically adhering to this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.





To perform the registration and use of the features of the Application is mandatory reading, understanding and Acceptance of this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by the User / Grantor. USER / GRANTOR, THAT HE HAS READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL TERMS IN THESE DOCUMENTS. IF THE USER / GRANTOR HAS ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE TERMS OF USE AND / OR PRIVACY POLICY, ADC RECOMMENDS THAT THE USER / GRANTOR CONTACT BEFORE ACCEPTING AND BEING SUBJECT TO THEM.


From the moment the User / Grantor accepts the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the provisions contained therein shall apply and will fully govern the relationship between the adc and the User / Grantor. Therefore, it is recommended to print a copy of them for future reference. It will be the duty of the User / Grantor to be aware of possible updates to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which may occur at any time.





For any matter related to the terms of this Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, as well as the Site / Application / Content / Software the User / Grantor should contact us by email contato@adc.vote





This Terms of Use establishes the obligations and responsibilities of the User / Grantor, as defined below, for participation through a specific power of attorney granted by the User / Grantor, pursuant to Law No. 10,406, of January 10, 2002. (“Civil Code”), and digitally signed by him, through the adc platform, the User / Grantor may be represented by a Third Party (s) as defined below as their legal representative.