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why use

Multiple meetings in one app. You can vote at your condo meeting; at the endowment meeting; at the collective meeting; and in other meetings all through one app!

Safe. There are 4 authentication steps: 1. Login by password, fingerprint, face recognition; 2. Confrontation with the list of eligible to vote; 3. Sending the identity card image; 4. Manual analysis of the ID. Once approved in these steps the user can vote.

For all. Those who have deafness and do not attend assemblies can now attend and cast their vote. Everyone should have the opportunity to vote.

Nothing changes in the face-to-face general meeting. Voting via app takes place before the in-person meeting.

Greater participation. Users who are sick, traveling, out of town, busy or unable or unwilling to attend the meeting for any reason may participate by casting their vote via the application whenever and wherever they wish.

Users can vote in advance, review the material with ease and in the best way that suits them. Still, we reduced the use of powers of attorney and therefore reduced coercion and bureaucracy. The end result is more democratic decision making.

Not counting! Voting via app has security similar to banking apps. Results are supported by a verified verification and audit trail.

Independent! The counting and analysis of votes is carried out totally independently.

No ads! No advertisements