why use

Independent. We create and manage the assemblies independently. This offers greater security and impartiality to the vote collection process.

Your wallet of meetings. Several assemblies in a single app. Our proposal is to compile all meetings linked to the CPF and make them available via app

Safe. There are 4 authentication steps: 1. Login using password, fingerprint, facial recognition; 2. Confrontation with the list of eligible to vote; 3. Sending the identity document image; 4. Review the identity document manually. Once approved in these steps the user will be able to vote.

No ads

No conflict of interest. We don't mix things up. We only do assemblies. We do not provide any other service than assemblies. The conflict of interest can arise when a company provides other services and still holds a vote where it can be the subject of deliberation.

Greater participation. Users who are sick, traveling, out of town, busy or who are unable or unwilling to attend the meeting for any reason, can participate by casting their vote via the app whenever and wherever they wish.